ENG_покрытие SilFORT PHC XH 100

SilFORT* PHC XH100P hardcoat is a clear coat that promotes adhesion to various types and grades of PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylates). When thermally cured, it can provide enhanced abrasion resistance, combined with improved chemical and weathering protection, compared to uncoated PMMA. These properties are reflected in outstanding gloss retention and clarity, after harsh environmental testing, which makes it an excellent candidate to consider for transparent or non-transparent outdoor applications where an extended service life is required.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Good clarity
  • Enhanced abrasion and mar resistance
  • Good solvent/chemical resistance
  • Primerless adhesion to many grades of PMMA
  • Single coating process
  • Graffiti resistant properties
  • Potential Applications

The product can protect various types and grades of transparent, tinted or black PMMA from degradation. Potential applications include the use in highly exposed wear-and-tear components in automotive and the consumer market, like bezels and covers, transparent doors, windows, sheets and trays. SilFORT PHC XH100P hardcoat can also be considered for use on Polycarbonate to impart abrasion and chemical resistance, when baked at ≥ 126°C.