SilFORT PHC587 premiumperformance hard coat is a clear, non-yellowing silicone coating
that can offer optimal protection against deterioration from weather, including ultraviolet rays, heat, cold, rain, snow and ice comparable to Momentive Performance Materials SilFORT AS4000. It also resists damage from sand and dirt. Additionally, SilFORT PHC587 silicone hard coat can provide improved productivity through primerless adhesion coupled with generally faster curing at 130°C. There is no need for a primer coat with typical polycarbonate materials.
SilFORT PHC587 coated polycarbonate complies with the ECE Automotive Regulations for European forward lighting applications, and the requirements of the DOT FMVSS #108 and is in
the AMECA list of Acceptable Plastics for Optical Lenses and Reflectors Used on Motor Vehicles.

Key Features and Typical Benefits

  • ultraviolet resistance
  • thermal resistance
  • abrasion and mar resistance
  • good clarity
  • solvent/chemical resistance
  • primerless adhesion to polycarbonate
  • single coating process step