SilFORT AS 4700F

SILFORT* AS4700 silicone hardcoat and  SILFORT SHP470 basecoat

The SilFORT AS4700 hardcoat with the SilFORT SHP470 basecoat is a thermally cured abrasion resistant, weatherable silicone hardcoat designed to protect dark colored to black polycarbonate substrates against the effects of harsh environmental components and ultraviolet radiation. With its new generation of UV absorbers, this protective hardcoat system for polycarbonate is an excellent candidate to consider for imparting greater protection of blackand other parts than other coating systems.

Key Features and Typical Benefits

  • excellent ultraviolet radiation protection for colored polycarbonate
  • excellent resistance to microcracking
  • abrasion and mar resistance
  • solvent and chemical resistance
  • good clarity
  • thermal resistance