About company

More than 75 years, the company Momentiv is the world leader in the production of specialized products from silicones for a wide range of industries: automotive, electronics, personal care, consumer goods, aerospace and construction. The company offers siloxane polymers and an extensive portfolio of additives, including silanes, special liquids and urethane additives, and there are also offers of finished products, including elastomers and coatings.

Highly qualified technical support and the possibility of manufacturing the product according to the customer’s technical parameters.

The company Momentiv together with TBC Empire since 2017 introduces to the Russian market a number of products from a series of protective coatings for plastics and metals.

Products can be used to replace conventional materials by coating polymers by prolonging their transparency and translucency, aesthetic appearance, adding resistance to abrasion and the effects of chemicals and solvents.

Hardcoat technology allows the innovative use of plastics in various industries.

In the transport industry: lighting, chrome parts and decor.

In electrical engineering: touch mobile devices, lighting, displays.


long-term UV protection
Excellent resistance to abrasion
Resistant to chemicals and solvents
Excellent protection of optical properties
Expansion of two Cure systems

The choice of product and technology depends on key factors such as the geometry of the part, the end use of the product and other processes, or follow-up.

Our technical staff can help pick up coverage and that will meet the needs. The product is suitable for surface applications for use with extruded parts, sheet materials or molded articles.